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Apply for Aid

How to Apply

If you are in need of financial assistance to pay for your medical care or medications, please review the guidelines below before submitting an application. While the foundation cannot grant financial aid to every applicant, we will carefully consider your request and strive to provide you with whatever resources, services or funds are appropriate and within our means.

Guidelines for Applying

  • Any person with a medically related financial need, regardless of race, color, sex or creed, is eligible to apply for financial aid.

  • Each applicant must be 16 years of age or older.

  • Each applicant must complete the application, as well as provide any requested supporting documentation.

  • Each applicant must provide a letter of recommendation from his/her current physician or healthcare provider.

Where to Send Your Application

To apply for financial aid, simply download the application below and mail your completed application to:

St. Luke's Medical Foundation

1101 Oakridge Drive, Suite B

Fort Collins, CO 80525


Once received, your application will be reviewed by our Board of Directors, who will contact you with a decision within 30 days. Please note that any financial aid that is awarded will be paid directly to the healthcare provider, hospital, clinic, lab or pharmacy that you are seeking medical assistance from. We do not grant funds directly to individuals.

Fort Collins Health Services

If you are in need of primary healthcare services and live in the Fort Collins area, you may also consider visiting St. Luke's Medical Clinic, which is a subsidiary of the foundation that provides charity care to patients, based on income, and has a full-time social worker on staff to help patients acquire services and grants to meet their needs.

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