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Kids Doctor Checkup

We care
about your health.

Who We Serve
St. Luke's Medical Foundation is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit that provides financial aid to individuals who need help paying for medications and required medical care.

Checking Blood Pressure

How We Care

We are the parent company of St. Luke's Medical Clinic, a nonprofit family practice clinic in Fort Collins, Colorado whose mission is to provide exceptional, affordable care to all, regardless of ability to pay.



1 in 7 people in Larimer County, Colorado live in poverty. 17.83% of Larimer County residents are on Medicaid. 7.4% of Larimer County residents have no health insurance.

Offering Hope
St. Luke's Medical Foundation was created as a foundation for hope. The support that we give to patients does more than just provide financial relief and make medical treatment possible where it might not have been. It also serves as a reminder to these patients that they are not alone and that there is hope--which, in our experience, is the greatest catalyst to healing. 

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